Night night

Anonymous:  what are those black things on your bed

fake black painted human skulls 

Anonymous:  what would you do if i attempted to poop on you

༼ຶ ۝ ຶ༽

smilingsloth:  You wake to the sound of chairs moving in the kitchen. You go downstairs to discover it's a giant cat. Like a lion but with a cat's body. It's friendly. Do you keep her?

yes and ill name her big cuddles 

Anonymous:  YOOOO what is a jellyfish ball that looks sick

its a wet specimen in the shape of a crystal ball kinda theme it looks gr8 

Anonymous:  Your best friend confesses to be a practising cannibal. They have killed people before. They are still doing it. How do you react?

pretend to be like oh ok about it then after i leave call the fucking police mate